Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Siemens Studio photo album

In my last trip to Germany I visited again the Siemens Studio in the Deutsches Museum München.

I tried to take detail from a different angle and think I got it. This time I was short in time and only made
The past months I was trying to contact Mr. Hansjörg Wicha (sound engineer of the Siemens Studio for many years and inventor of the Towiphon) but without luck, I thought I could meet Mr. Wicha to only ask a couple of questions about the equipmet that couldn't found in any publication with my only intention to perpetuate this kind of information to the posterity. Anyway, Mr. Wicha is retired now and is doing "sheet copper reliefs" art (see it on his website) and lives in Larsbach, Wolnzach, near München. I will continue trying to contact him or if somebody could ask him some little details of the equipment. I know, someone other than me, will find it interesting.

Come back soon, you never know when I post another update.