Monday, November 10, 2008

WDR Studio für Elektronische Musik

In my last post I told about the Siemens Studio but certainly in my trip to Germany my main interest was focused in the visit to the WDR Studio für Elektronische Musik. I want to thank to Michael Bentrup of the Bandmaschinen Forum by the arrangements for me to visit the Studio and of course many thanks to Mr. Volker Müller for receiving us and for the nice conversation about the people and compositions of the Studio.

I have found more technical information about the pieces of the Studio, I will be ordering and uploading the information soon. You could see here the photoalbum in the meantime.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Siemens Studio photo album

In my last trip to Germany I visited again the Siemens Studio in the Deutsches Museum München.

I tried to take detail from a different angle and think I got it. This time I was short in time and only made
The past months I was trying to contact Mr. Hansjörg Wicha (sound engineer of the Siemens Studio for many years and inventor of the Towiphon) but without luck, I thought I could meet Mr. Wicha to only ask a couple of questions about the equipmet that couldn't found in any publication with my only intention to perpetuate this kind of information to the posterity. Anyway, Mr. Wicha is retired now and is doing "sheet copper reliefs" art (see it on his website) and lives in Larsbach, Wolnzach, near München. I will continue trying to contact him or if somebody could ask him some little details of the equipment. I know, someone other than me, will find it interesting.

Come back soon, you never know when I post another update.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A quick update

Hello everybody! I'm still here, was long time since the last post, I have been very busy with personal affairs but the most important thing is that I have been travelling in Germany with matters related to the theme of this blog and the main site.

I was in Berlin to see the last Oskar Sala's Mixturtrautonium, but I found two times the museum closed, my fault what a pity! I hope to come back again soon.

Then was in Köln (june 24) to visit the WDR Studio, also known as Stockhausen's Studio, I'm still amazed what I've seen. I call it "a living and growing studio", you could found still today every piece from the beginning of the Studio, despite I don't speak German was fascinating meet Mr. V. Müller who show us the Studio and speak about some compositions and the equipment used and also about the future of the Studio. The next day, a quick visit to the Deutsches Museum (Bonn) to see the original Mixturtrautonium.

Finally, I was back in München (june 28) to visit some friends, and of course... there was another visit to the Deutsches Museum (München) to admire the Siemens-Studio for second time.

I have many pictures and movies from that tour, keep an eye on MonteSound... I will be uploading this material soon.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

First post, presenting and inviting

This first post it to tell what is happening in the com/">main site. I'm trying to found at least a good looking template to use, I'm not a web designer and will use some free tools and designs, you could send us yours! I'll give it a test.

In the same philosphy, I will use the free resources on the web (Blogspot, Google, etc), I don't have financial support to this and if I could spend money I prefer to buy books or make a travel to visit something related.

the albums are of public access. And here the first album:

Please excuse me if each word it's not correct but I'm not a native english speaker I will do my best to be clear. Mainly, the documents sources are in other languages than english, I can read a little bit of German but cannot write nor speak. So my language preference is in this order: Spanish, Portuguese, English, Deutsch, Googlish.

Cheers and welcome! (wilkommen! bem-vindos! benvenuto! benvinguts! bienvenidos!)